"That So Resonates with Me!" What Does That Actually Mean?

This blog article delves into the concept of resonance, exploring its meaning both in science and in our interpersonal relationships. It questions our understanding of resonance, and how our longing for it might lead us into tribalism or ideological echo chambers. The post further offers tips on maintaining open-heartedness and seeking healthy resonance in diversity, compassion, and growth.

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What's good fam? Let's get right to the belly of the beast. When we say something "resonates," what we really mean is that it makes us feel seen. It's our way of scream-singing "amen" because someone voiced our truth.

In science and philosophy resonance is vibrations and frequencies. The same is true for our emotions and connections with other humans. So for our souls, it's the harmony of being truly and deeply understood. Of having our inner song echoed back to us.

As people, we crave resonance. We want to belong, to feel our experiences affirmed. It's why we love when sermons or songs "speak to us." It's validation. Makes us feel less alone. Part of the tribe. I can see it serving the same evolutionary purpose as imposter syndrome. If you want more on this, check out this talk by Dr. Kristina Hallett on the evolutionary advantages of imposter syndrome.

But here's the thing. Resonance can become an idol. Our longing to be "gotten" lures us into tribalism. We huddle in communities that parrot our views, avoiding anything that might create dissonance. If you've read any of my blogs on "emotional diversity" and "toxic positivity," you already know that you might become more fragile sticking within the safety and trappings of the same, same, same.

Before you know it, you're trapped in an ideological echo chamber, your brain numbly reflecting the same distortions. Ever clung to hurt or resentment for so long it became your identity? That's dark resonance, friends.

So how do we stay open-hearted in a world that wants to radicalize us into rigid camps? A few thoughts:

Question the voices you amplify. Just because something resonates doesn't mean it's Gospel. Stay curious.

Rub shoulders with diversity. Don't cloister yourself with carbon copies. Let different perspectives resonate through you.

Notice when you're stuck on repeat. Don't just resonate with negative tapes. Hit pause, breathe, keep growing.

Seek resonance grounded in compassion. Find kinship through shared burdens, not just shared enemies.

Make space for uncertainty. The Kingdom is messy, not black and white. Resist chasing rigid resonance.

Resonance is a gift, but don't become addicted to the buzz of belonging. Let your life ring out the Good News. Meet certainty with humility. Seek resonance in peace and love. Peace and love.

So did you like this article? Did it "like, so resonate with you?"

Amen and amen.