Holi festival in Spanish Fork, UT.

Harnessing the Power of Self-Talk, Emotional Contagion, and Collective Effervescence

Learn how self-talk, emotional contagion, and collective effervescence can help you improve your mental health, relationships, success, and sense of community.


The monkey was absolutely mesmerized by his own image in the mirror. I took a few different photos of this monkey playing with the mirror on my scooter at a location called Monkey Hill in Thailand. The monkey was so gentle and was really happy to stare at his own image. I wonder if the monkey knew it was his own reflection or if he thought it was another monkey.

Creating a Culture of Positive Self-Talk: The Key to Personal & Collective Empowerment

Learn how transforming negative self-talk into empowering inner dialogue through affirmations, gratitude, visualization, and more can help you achieve your dreams—practical tips to reprogram your thoughts.